Hiring a Private Investigator


The following are some tips to aid you in evaluating which private investigator to work with.

If you or your spouse is a public figure, celebrity, or politically active, you have special consideration when faced with issues like infidelity, divorce, asset discovery, child support and visitation, or alimony issues, to name just a few. We understand that discretion and confidentiality are as important to you as the quality of our investigation. We also know that it is difficult to entrust the handling of your situation to a stranger and that you have more than likely never worked with a private investigator before.

The vast majority of states require that anyone engaging in the practice of investigations be licensed. A Private investigator should be able to produce a copy of such a license immediately for you. Note: there are many companies offering services on the internet that do not qualify as "investigations" but really should be. These companies are completely unregulated, and what they give you is whatever they want. Most of these companies are "information brokers" who have access to databases of public records, like telephone numbers, address directories, voter registration filings, etc. These companies offer "background checks" that are nothing more than database searches of old public records. That may be enough to get you what you need, but if you need to be sure that the information is accurate, contact a licensed private investigator. Please be sure that you understand who and what you are dealing with and what they are going to give you before you hire anyone working in this sector.

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