Providing You With the Information You Need


If you have a civil judgment from a lawsuit or are thinking about filing a civil lawsuit but are unsure if the defendant is collectible, Cole Investigative Agency can help you find assets, even hidden assets, including property, vehicles, employment, business ownership, and more, and give you the information needed to collect on that judgment.

Our asset search products are designed to locate assets and give you the information you need for judgment collection or asset recovery without wasting your money on information that you likely already know or could find for free on the internet. We are NOT an information broker reselling asset information found in a simple public record database. Cole Investigative Agency is the choice for those who need to know the truth before they waste valuable time and money chasing an uncollectible debtor. We are licensed private investigators based in Texas.

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Who Hires Us?

Collection agencies, debt collectors, asset recovery specialists, attorneys, and individuals looking to collect judgments against individuals and businesses. Our clients cannot afford to purchase outdated or inaccurate information when trying to locate assets and collect judgments. Can you?

Cole Investigative Agency is based in Texas but offers asset searches and debt collection products nationwide.

Asset Searches Q&A

A: Yes. Our search is limited to the individual you requested we investigate. If you need us to investigate someone else, including a spouse, it means double the work for us. Accordingly, we confine our efforts to the subject of the investigation only.